AOSTA VALLEY Region - nestled between France and Italy, in the north western corner of Italy. Pictured is Fénis - Fénis Castle
  • AOSTA VALLEY Region - nestled between France and Italy, in the north western corner of Italy. Pictured is Fénis - Fénis Castle
  • APULIA Region - the stunning town of Polignano a Mare, it is thought to be the site of the ancient Greek city of Neapolis.
  • Always travel with your music...
  • CALABRIA Region - Tropea a famous beach along the coast.
  • CAMPANIA Region - stretching along the west coast just south of Rome. This is the Region of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. There is a greater variety of sights. Pictured above is the coastal town of Minori on the Amalfi Coast.
  • LATIUM or LAZIO REGION - this is the region of Rome.
  • EMILIA-ROMAGNA Region - stretches from the Adriatic to almost the other coast of Italy - the Legion of Liguira is between Emilia Romagna and the coastline. Ravenna - Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo
  • COMPANIA Region - Pompeii
  • LATIUM or LAZIO Region - the Piazza Navona is one of the iconic sights in Rome.
  • LIGURIA Region - a relatively narrow region that runs along the coast from the board of France into Italy. Locations such as Portofino and the Cinque Terra are in this region. Camogli is on the towns that hugs the coast.
  • LOMBARDY Region - This is one of the most populated and richest of the Regions in Italy. At the northern top of the country Milan is located in this Region. Pictured above, Cremona is a classic town.
  • MARCHE Region - Urbino is a walled with, a World Heritage Site. This is the POalazzo Ducale.
  • PIEDMONT Region - Orta San Giulio with the monastry on a small island in the lake.
  • PIEDMONT Region - Lake Maggiore located about 90 km north west of Milan.
  • SICILY Region - Siracusa - fisherman in their boats in the port.
  • TUSCANY Region - Lucca a walled town crammed full of churches and and towers.
  • TUSCANY Region - in addition to the vineyards, towns like Montecatini Terme were popular baths for the grand tours of Italy.
  • VENEZIA - The city of canals. Despite the tourists, the city is magical.
  • Venezia - from one of my first trips to Italy, to probably one of my last, Venice will always be an option. Magical city.
  • SICILY - A temple in Sugesta. There are incredible structures in Sicily.


My first trips were as a single person travelling by train throughout Italy. Oh to be young with an rail pass again!

We are past the age to qualify for a rail pass, and now Karen and I travel via train or car. We think a combination of train and car works well. When travelling to cities, such as Rome, Florence and Venice having a car is a problem. Just take the train. To experience the country-side of Italy a car is best.

Despite always travelling with GPS I always take our Michelin Atlas Routier. Our map book has more "Post-it Notes" that one can imagine. We've learned to mark your pages with "yellow stickies" to note places that we would like to see. It seems you just never know where you will be. The GPS unit is gtood to direct you how to get to where you want to go. The map is better in the planning of what you want to see in getting to your destination.

We include photos and information about the various regions of Italy in our Travel Journal. We particularly enjoy visiting cloisters and are assembled photos and information about the cloisters we have visited. In addition, we provide information on specific trips - our Trips of Note.

Our Travel Journal information is arranged by each of the Italian regions. Need help with the location of the regions? The Italy Index Page includes a map with the regions listed and a link to the Travel Journal for each region.

We have stayed in a wide range of accommodations. We share our list of Great Places to Stay. From our perspective, where you stay is a significant portion of the cost of the trip, but where you stay also defines a fair amount of your trip. It is never for us just a room to sleep in. It is part of the experience.

Going to Italy? Enjoy!