Venice Does one ever forget their first time they visit Venice? Hardly.

For many, like my first visit to Venice, it is arriving by train at the Stazione Santa Lucia. As you pull into the train station it is much like any train station in Europe.

But it is when you walk out through the doors of the train station that the Grand Canal and the visuals of Venice hit you with full force.

Early Visit to VeneziaMy first trip to Venice was back in 1980s. I was pretty young then! Since that time, we have visited it many times.

On one trip we stayed in Mestre, just outside of Venice and took one of the frequent trains into the city. It is an option, but not an option of first choice. You get to experience Venice by being there.

At 4:30 the crowds start to leave. For many, Venice is a day trip. With the crowds gone, the city has a more natural feel.

From the time of my first trip to our more recent trips, the most significant change is the number of tourists that visit the city each day.


Still, despite the crowds, it is a unique experience.

After we saw the special video/TV series that Franceso da Mosts's produced on the history of Venice our interest was re-sparked even more. Most recently we visited Venice in 2009 and we spent the better part of a week in 2010 where we rented an apartment. That was the life.

Glenn in 2009So obviously much older, and it is beyond me where all the hair went, but ever since my first trip to Venice (as above) I enjoy every opportunity to return.

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